Tubolators Belts – TB Range


  • Capacities up to 1000 cm/h
  • Composed of troughs, self-supporting up to 20 m
  • Can be supported by cables by trellis for lengths from 20 to 50 m, for free spaces under conveyor
  • Total elimination of dirty thanks to completely closed trough
  • Elimination of rollers on working way implies reduction of maintenance
  • Ventilators, installed every 50 meters, permit to reduce friction
  • Equipped with SEW gear motors, KH series, directly coupled on the shaft with conical socket for easy maintenance
  • Equipped with weight tensioning system for length L>30 m

Belt is available with following characteristics:

  • Hot vulcanized rubber belt with high stress resistance
  • Very low temperatures resistance (T<-40 °C)
  • Self-Cleaning systems as motorized brush, scraper
  • As option, suitable with “recovering” chain conveyor, installed along the first 5 meters on the return way.