Trasmec India production kicks off!

Unleashing success: Trasmec India production kicks off! We are ready to conquer all the challenges of this new market.

A winning bet in the bulk handling sector: Trasmec India was officially born on July 1st! A huge opportunity in a market like India, which is experiencing explosive growth.
In the pictures, the moment of the official signing and the visit to the Italian Trade Agency in Mumbai with Roberto Moroni, Luca Moroni, Dieter Vyncke, accompanied by the director Mateesh Rai.

Trasmec India represents a strategic step towards the future, built on the high professionalism and competence of the Indian team. A group of experts who will be capable of facing market challenges with innovative and tailored solutions for customers’ needs. Trasmec is ready to make a significant impact in a crucial market like bulk handling!