101 years of collaboration and growth

Trasmec celebrates 101 years of collaboration and growth: an embodiment of enlightened courage for a promising future.

“Embrace enlightened courage. Never lose the fighting spirit needed to grow and stay competitive. Dream, young dreamer… for without dreams, the determination necessary to achieve ambitious goals vanishes”.

These inspiring words from our CEO, Roberto Moroni, address the new generation, especially the third, as they inherit Trasmec’s expertise and pave the path for the future. This message was shared during a landmark moment in our company’s journey—the Trasmec brand anniversary. The event celebrated 70 years of Trasmec Italia, 20 years of Trasmec Romania, 10 years of Trasmec China, and 1 year of Trasmec India, culminating in a total of 101 years of collaborative growth.

The festivities began with the opening of a new production facility in Romania, marking the inception of Trasmec’s international manufacturing endeavors over two decades ago—a testament to our commitment to proximity with our clients. Our international expansion continued in China and India, maintaining our ethos of global growth.

The company’s internationalization has continued also in China and then in India, constantly maintaining the same spirit of international growth.

Throughout this dynamic and evolving journey, we’ve faced numerous challenges that have tested our resilience and determination. These experiences have honed our strategies, strengthen our commitment to sustainable development, and helped us achieve increasingly significant goals.

Consider Italy’s continuous expansion into new markets, and Romania, where the newly opened facility features an automated painting line and near-complete energy self-sufficiency through solar power. In China, we undertake projects spanning the entire Asian continent, while in India, despite being in operation for just a year, sold and produced the first equipments with 100% on-site production while maintaining the high Italian quality standards.

A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated team—teamwork here transcends mere collaboration; it’s a partnership where people share perspectives, goals, ambitions, and triumphs.

We are immensely grateful to our partners, customers, and all who believe in and support our mission. Your trust fuels our progress.

This anniversary is not just a milestone but also a new beginning. We are ready to face new challenges, pursue further growth, and innovate to deliver the best to our clients.

Together, we are set to build an even brighter future!