Motorized and Pneumatic Diverters

Diverters are frequently used between conveyors to allow a bypass for an additional line or for an emergency dumping.

Trasmec offers diverters of different dimensions to enable wide range of flow (typically big volumes are needed for OSB strand), which are, besides, also adaptable to the layout requirements.
Diverters (also called ‘flaps’) can be pneumatic or motorized, based on their application or customer’s request.

Motorized diverters can be provided with encoder and driven by frequency converter, if a partialization is needed for dividing the flow into exact quantities in both directions.

Our diverters are designed to render the long-life resistance against any type of material, with movable part in HARDOX 450 (for wearing materials), with frame and movable part in stainless steel (for acidic material or blended flake).

All diverters are designed to be installed in ATEX zone.