Storage and Extraction Systems

For storage and extraction purposes basically two types of equipment are offered by Trasmec. The choice depends mainly on different storage volumes and it can be a moving floor, a screw bunker or a travelling screw.

Trasmec manufactures and supplies in average 15 moving floors per year. A moving floor offers the possibility of high storage volumes for any kind of wood material. Storage and extraction capacities are very flexible, thanks to an easy design for frames and that can be drive each independently, if needed.

100×100 mm bars guarantee high durability and their material is a perfect mix between hardness and resilience (elasticity), which permits to avoid any cracks due to fatigue stresses.

Bottom part can be provided either in concrete (always following Trasmec’s indications) or covered by metal sheets (in normal steel or in HARDOX 450 for very wearing materials).

Travelling screws are often used for storage and extraction of big capacities in biomass plants. The wearing is delayed by application of very hard coating on the spirals.

Screw bunkers are normally used for smaller capacities (up to approx. 50 cubic meter) and, compared with moving floors, don’t need a further conveyor for material dosing into the line (screws are designed with variable pitch).

Trasmec offers screws bunkers for a wide range of capacities, by using 2 or more screw shafts always driven by frequency converter.

All screw bunkers are designed to be ATEX classified.