Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyor, with more than 300 pieces manufactured per year, is Trasmec’s the most proved by many years of manufacturing experience product.

Trasmec has different designs for screws handling different types of wood sizes, form chips to flakes and strands.

Our screws are accurately designed to fit each project, from 200 to 1200 mm of spiral diameter, from 2 to 10 m of lengths; we also supply vertical screws (for vertical transport of dry material), pipe screws (for inclined transport), dosing screws for material dosing and reversible screws.

Very often swivel screws are required to distribute blended material in the forming stations.

Since many years we have been involved in different projects for conveying high wearing material (like recycling wood) and developed a great experience to assure a long life of our equipment. For such materials Trasmec recommends reinforced bottom and spiral peaks coated with HARDOX 450.

We provide as well the screws with trough and spirals in stainless steel.