Screw Bunkers


  • Available for every capacity, with single or multiple screw
  • For very wearing material, it is also available with HARDOX or CERAMIC coating for trough and spirals
  • Available confirming ATEX 21

Trasmec has several standards of this equipment, suitable to any layout, storage and extraction capacities.

Our screw bunkers are strongly reinforced in order to resist to any over load caused during truck or loader’s loading or heavy typologies of materials.

Bunkers can be used, as example in-between several applications, for material delivery, storage and dosing, for example for biomass lines, or as buffer on the boiler’s feeding, of finally as extra silo for by-pass in case of fault on main line.

Available with bottom in HARDOX for high wearing materials.

All bunker and screw are suitable for ATEX certification, equipped with explosion vents and extinguishing system.