Single Chain – TK


  • Capacities up to 500 cm/h
  • Manganese guide high wear resistent
  • Chain in MnCrB5 pitch 142 mm, high stress resistant with pins in stainless steel
  • Available troughs in stainless steel (AISI304) for corrosive conveying materials
  • Available bottom with Hardox 450 for very wearing conveying materials
  • Available with troughs and scrapers covered in high density polyethylene for glued conveying materials
  • Available with scrapers “rake” type for conveying easily long strands (example OSB strands)
  • Equipped with clogging sensor
  • Equipped with SEW gear motors, KH series, directly coupled on the shaft with conical socket for easy maintenance
  • Each gear motor is equipped with torque arm and its sensor, in order to prevent chain breaking to to clogging
  • Availability to project conforming ATEX norm